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Watching on Android TV

You can install our application on AndroidTV (Nexus Player, Sony Bravia, and Android MiBox) in just a few steps.

Step 1. Downloading an application for installing TVteka

To easily install TVteka on your device we recommend to use the Downloader application.

Open the home page and sign in to the Google Play Store.

Click on the magnifying glass icon in the left menu at the top.

Type «Downloader» into the search bar, find the application with the orange icon and click «Install».

Select «Ok» for all requests for permissions for the Downloader application.

Step 2. Downloading the app and allowing its installation.

Open the Downloader app.

Check out the short guide. At the first start there will appear a notification about allowing the application to access data on the set-top box - click on «Allow».

Type the link and download the TVteka application.

Step 3. Installing TVteka.

Click «Install» to start installing the application.

When the installation will be completed, the set-top box will offer to open the application. Click on «Open».

Step 4. Signing up to TVteka

Open TVteka application and select «Login/registration».

On the screen will appear two methods of authorization - a number code or a QR code.

You should enter the number code on the website, on the ««Devices page» and click on the «Connect» button. But first, you should login into your TVteka account.

To scan the QR code, point your phone camera at it - the «Devices» page with the already entered code will open automatically, all you have to do is click on the «Connect» button. Before scanning the QR code, you also need to log in to your TVteka account.

If you will use your TV as a monitor, by connecting the set-top box to it, turn off the «Sleep Timer» and / or «Off Timer» option. Or just keep in mind that the TV will automatically turn off after a set time in the sleep/off timer settings.

Important! Depending on the TV model, this option may be located in different sections of the menu.

For Samsung TV:

– Press the «Menu» button on the remote control → System → Time → Sleep timer

– Press the «Menu» button on the remote → Settings → General → System Manager → Time → Sleep Timer.

For LG TV:

– Click on the «Settings» button → Time → Turn off time and / or Auto-off;

– Click on the «Settings» button → Sleep timer.

Enjoy watching!


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